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General Medicine(GM)

EHR enables GPs to access comprehensive patient records, including medical history, medications, allergies, and laboratory results, facilitating informed decision-making during consultations and follow-ups. It supports coordination of care by allowing GPs to share patient information with specialists and other healthcare providers, ensuring seamless transitions and continuity of treatment.

  • Comprehensive medical history
  • Preventive care reminders
  • Diagnostic imaging integration
  • Medication management
Preventive Care


EHR assists pediatricians in monitoring growth trajectories, immunization schedules, and developmental milestones, ensuring timely interventions for childhood illnesses and developmental delays. It supports pediatric practices in providing anticipatory guidance to parents, promoting preventive care, and addressing concerns related to nutrition, behavior, and safety.

  • Provides birth history, risk assessment, past history, hospitalizations and allergies
  • Tracks the developmental milestones using Denver developmental standards
  • Immunizations tracking & reminders
  • WHO growth charts
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Ophthalmologists maintain detailed eye exam records, track changes in visual acuity, intraocular pressure, and retinal health, aiding in the diagnosis and management of ocular diseases. EHR streamlines the management of surgical cases by documenting preoperative assessments, surgical procedures, and postoperative outcomes, ensuring comprehensive eye care delivery.

  • Detailed ocular history
  • Visual acuity tracking
  • Ophthalmic examination results
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Imaging
  • Treatment plans and follow-up
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EHR facilitates proactive diabetes management by enabling providers to monitor blood glucose levels, track medication adherence, and evaluate long-term glycemic control through trend analysis and data visualization. It supports personalized care planning by incorporating patient-reported outcomes, lifestyle factors, and comorbidities into treatment algorithms, promoting patient engagement and self-management.

  • Manage patient’s blood glucose results, HbA1C values
  • Lifestyle management and customized advice on nutrition and exercises
  • Interactive glucose log book
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EHR assists psychiatrists in conducting comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, documenting symptoms, treatment plans, and medication adjustments, enhancing clinical documentation accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards. It enables care coordination between mental health providers, primary care physicians, and social services agencies, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and holistic treatment approaches.

  • Customized psychiatric history
  • Detailed mental status examination
  • Use standardized rating scales for assessing & tracking symptoms/ scores
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Orthopaedics capture detailed musculoskeletal examinations, imaging findings, and treatment outcomes, facilitating evidence-based decision-making and patient monitoring. EHR supports rehabilitation planning by documenting functional assessments, therapy sessions, and progress notes, optimizing care coordination between orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists.

  • Orthopedic examination templates to streamline clinical assessments
  • Imaging integration to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Periodontal charting and tracking
  • Surgical planning and follow-up
  • Pain management and rehabilitation protocolss
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Ayurvedic practitioners document individual constitution (Prakriti), health assessments, lifestyle recommendations, and herbal formulations, facilitating personalized wellness plans and treatment monitoring. EHR supports Ayurvedic clinics in managing herbal inventories, tracking patient compliance, and analyzing treatment outcomes, contributing to continuous quality improvement and patient satisfaction.

  • Dosha assessment and analysis
  • Herbal medicine management
  • Pulse diagnosis documentation
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations
  • Follow-up and progress tracking
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Homeopathic physicians maintain detailed case histories, remedy prescriptions, and treatment follow-ups, enabling accurate remedy selection and dose adjustments based on individual response patterns. It supports clinical research and outcome analysis by capturing data on symptomatology, remedy proving, and patient-reported outcomes, contributing to evidence-based practice and knowledge dissemination within the homeopathic community.

  • Symptom-based repertory containing homeopathic symptoms and remedies
  • Remedy prescribing and potency management
  • Case management and analysis
  • Integration with conventional medicine
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Nutrition & Dietetics

EHR facilitates dietary assessments, nutritional counseling, and meal planning by documenting dietary habits, nutrient intake, and lifestyle factors, enabling dietitians and nutritionists to formulate personalized nutrition plans. It supports population health initiatives by identifying nutritional trends, monitoring dietary adherence, and evaluating the impact of dietary interventions on health outcomes, promoting preventive care and wellness education.

  • Dietary assessment tools to capture eating habits, nutritional gaps, and dietary preferences
  • Nutrient analysis and meal planning
  • Weight management and body composition tracking
  • Allergy and food sensitivity management
  • Behavioral counseling, nutrition education and lifestyle modification strategies
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